Honeycomb Doughnuts | Vegan

honeycomb doughnuts

Fluffy doughnuts, sweet crème pâtissière, caramel-y honeycomb… I can’t put into words how wonderful these honeycomb doughnuts are. The filling in these honeycomb doughnuts is a gorgeously smooth crème pâtissière full of little pieces of honeycomb. The honeycomb pulls in moisture from the crème and turns in to little swirls of caramel-y goodness. Oh, yes!…

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Vegan Meatball Sub – Simple & Delicious


There’s something majorly comforting about a good, solid sandwich, am I right? This vegan meatball sub is no exception! French baguette, balsamic tomato sauce, meatballs, parmesan and parsley. Yes. You can definitely try making your own meatballs for this vegan meatball sub, but to keep things simple, I’m using store-bought in this recipe. I think…

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