Rainbow Smoothie Series: Orange Smoothie


This is the final installment of the Rainbow Smoothie Series and I’m pleased to share with you one of my favourite non-green smoothies and to announce, that I will soon start a Dessert Smoothie Series, so stay tuned! But right now it’s all about the orange smoothie. The orange component in this refreshing and sweet…

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Snickers Bars

These are almost clean, almost not unhealthy and completely vegan. Right before I went vegan, I really got into Snickers. I was always more of a Milky Way kind of girl, but then something happened, my preference changed and I started loving the taste of peanuts and chocolate and caramel and “oh yes” all mixed…

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Rainbow Smoothie Series: Yellow Smoothie


This refreshing & wonderfully tropical smoothie’s main ingredient is … pineapple! I love pineapple and hopefully you do too, because today we’re blending it up and drinking it for breakfast. 5 Health Benefits of Pineapples 1. Prevents & suppresses cough and colds 2. Strengthens bones and connective tissue 3. Keeps gums healthy 4. Lowers risk of macular…

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