Product Review: OmniBlend V

Okay, first off, let me just tell you something … I wasn’t always the type of person who would spend even a minute in the kitchen. I actually used to never really turn on my oven for anything other than a loaf of bread. Frozen, not homemade, of course. But then I decided to venture in to the vegan lifestyle, and it kinda forced me into my kitchen. I was learning everything from scratch at the age of 24.

One of the first things I realized was that my blender was shit. It stopped working, so I bought another one. A really cheap one. After a few weeks, it burned out. You know, I had started to make smoothies quite often and my blender just wasn’t having it. So I bought another one and decided to spend a bit more. What a waste once again. It lasted me a few months before it started smoking and sparking.

After having 5 blenders die before my very eyes, I started to doubt that there would be such a thing as a blender that wouldn’t 1) smell like a bonfire, 2) make me panic, 3) act like a sparkler. I’m being serious right now. It actually worried me.

When I was about to give up and just never trust a blender again, I began to notice people on Instagram talking about high-speed blenders and how they are pretty much life changing, so I decided to look into some of them. I watched video reviews and read some too. I was intrigued. And that’s when I decided that I probably needed a high-speed blender in my life.

IMG_4506The wait was really short, but seemed like forever. I had decided on the OmniBlend V from Australia, and I was anxiously waiting for it to arrive. As a little child I opened the door and signed for the package and a few seconds later I pulled out the new member of my family. My blender was here.

I remember the first time I used it and I remember smelling it every few seconds to make sure it wasn’t burning. I kept doing this for the first week or so, until I realized that this was a real blender and that real blenders don’t just abandon you like that.

Anyways, a lot of you have been showing interest in knowing what my favorite kitchen equipment is, and specifically which blender I’m using, so I thought a review of the OmniBlend V would be a great post to add to the Product Review Series.

First off, I have to mention how quick this machine is. It only needs around 40 seconds to create a smooth cashew cream, for example. And usually just around 60 seconds to blend up a smoothie with berries. You know those little seeds in berries, right? Well, I used to have to drink those, but with the OmniBlend V, I don’t.


Other than smoothies, creams and nut milks, I have also put the blender through tasks such as blending soups, making nut butters, seed spreads, vegetable spreads, avocado creams, different types of mayonnaise and other heavenly creations, that I simply wouldn’t be able to create, if I didn’t have such an awesome high-speed blender. It can even be used to whip up tofu omelets and pancake batters.

Other blenders would turn fruit into liquids, but leave lumps, turn nuts into crumbly nut butters, but smell burnt, blend warm soups, but overheat. This blender has been able to handle everything I have thrown at it and into it. It does the job beyond what I could have hoped for and it amazes me every single time I use it.

I often question how I was able to function in the kitchen before, because it seems like such a priceless machine to have now. How did I ever manage to make creamy, velvety smooth soups? No one knows.


This review is based on my own honest opinion on the OmniBlend V, and gives you a more personal approach to the traditional and more factual reviews. For a review with lots of specs, numbers and an in-depth look at what this machine can actually do, I highly recommend you give this review a read. It was one of the reviews I read when I decided to go with the Omni.


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  2. Looks really good. I haven’t heard of this one before, most smoothie makings blogs I’ve read love the vitamix blender.
    If I remember correct, then you live in Denmark? Wasn’t it very expensive to order a blender all the way from Australia?

    1. The Vitamix does get most of the hype, but people that have tried both say that there’s no big difference between the two. Other than the price, of course. The Omni is far cheaper. The shipping was 15 pounds, and that was from their UK branch.

  3. I love mine too! I do sometimes have a bit of trouble with making anything that doesn’t have a lot if liquid. It gets stuccccck. Any tips?

    1. The only actual advice I can give you is to use the tamper! I have also found that it helps to work in slightly bigger batches, so that the blender has more to work with. Other than that, when wanting to blend something with little to no liquids, I think you’re better off using a food processor or even a mini chopper.

  4. I just came across your gorgeous blog via pinterest – love the photos and style. I also have an omniblend (I live in Australia) and after owning it for about a year, I can’t imagine life without it now… I use it almost every day (at least once)…

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! I feel the exact same about mine; I would simply find it hard to be without it.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for the great article, and the link to the blender dude, really helpful!
    I was wondering if you are still as happy with your omniblend as when writing this post? Is it still working nicely?

    Hope to hear from you 🙂
    x Anne-Fleur

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