Raw Almond Milk


Okay, is it about time that I share a recipe of almond milk? I mean, after all, this blog IS called Milking Almonds.

Almond milk is great for those of you that don’t like soy milk or those who don’t use it for other reasons. And let’s face it; almond milk is really delicious. I personally really like the fresh taste and also the fun of making it at home. It makes that latte a bit more exiting and I also use it in cooking & baking.

You can tune your almond milk with whatever you like; vanilla powder, dates, licorice powder, freeze dried berries, ginger etc. It’s really up to you and your preference.

The Almond Milk

  • 2 dl almonds / soaked for at least 4 hours
  • 6 dl filtered water
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder (optional)

You don’t have to follow the amounts I’ve stated here. Just remember the 1 almond to 3 water ratio. 
You also need to make sure you soak those almonds first, so they go juicy and delicious instead of all dry and wrinkly.

Right? You see what I mean? So soak them. Just do it.

The Directions

  • Run soaked almonds and water in a blender for a few minutes
  • Blend until you don’t see the milk changing consistency anymore
  • Transfer to a nut milk bag and drain


  • Squeeze that nut milk bag until no more liquid comes out
  • Pour the milk into a bottle and store in the fridge
  • Consume within 3 days


The almond pulp that is leftover in the nut milk bag can be used in raw date cakes, dried and used in granola or mixed into an all natural & homemade face mask.


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